What Happens if You Miss The FAFSA Deadline?

What Happens if You Miss The FAFSA Deadline? if you happen to miss a FAFSA deadline it's never too late to apply for financial aid and I think what it's important to do is to make contact with one or more of the schools that you're interested in, applying to and let them know that, you've missed the deadline and typically they will tell you to go ahead and file that financial, aid application regardless and the good thing about the the FAFSA is that there are certain types of financial aid that you could be, eligible for through the FAFSA that no matter when you file your FAFSA application you're still going to be able to get that money for example the Federal, Pell Grant is an entitlement program so even if you missed a specific. School's deadline for filing the FAFSA you could still get a Pell Grant at any school that you apply to as long as you get that FAFSA in during the award. Year .