What Happens After You File the FAFSA?

What Happens After You File the FAFSA? hello and welcome to helping you pay for college a program by the College Foundation of North Carolina I'm Kathy Muller executive director of mapping your future a, program sponsored by cfmc I'm here today with Mary Otto the director of financial aid at Campbell University and Mary's going to, talk to us today about filing the FAFSA and what happens when you.

File the FAFSA Mary thank you Kathy and good morning yes we're going to talk about what happens after you file your FAFSA when you complete, the FAFSA online it's submitted to the United States Department of Education at that point in time you will get a submission confirmation but please don't stop, there what will happen next is you'll receive a student aid report and what the student aid. Report is it's all the information that you entered on your FAFSA this. Is your chance to read and review carefully to ensure that the information you put on is correct is then sent to the state agency for grant determination next you can put up to, ten colleges, on your FAFSA any colleges listed will be sent this FAFSA data electronically at that point the FAFSA data will then be sent to the finish the FAFSA database if your high, school is a participant it will then go through a process where it tries to resolve any errors on the FAFSA that could include a problem, with your social security number name that doesn't match there are many errors it could but this is when that process. Takes. Place next there is a possibility that the Department of Ed will choose your record for verification this is a random process that Department event applies to students FAFSA data the schools on the FAFSA, will send you the request for, information to complete that process once that process is completed and you are verified the record is then sent to the finish the FAFSA database and the high school counselors will know that your FAFSA.

Has been completed last but definitely not least the school once all of. This process is completed we'll send you what's called an award letter or an offer letter which shows you all of the federal state and institutional funds. That you're eligible for thank you thanks Mary so do students only need to file the FAFSA one time good. Question Kathy no it must be completed, every year you will do what's called a renewal FAFSA next year which you do not have to enter any, of the personal data it would only be any changes in income thanks Mary I'd like to thank Mary for presenting with us today she uses a director of financial aid at Campbell University, her email is chosen at Campbell dot edu that's K osin at.

Campbell dot edu her phone number is nine one zero eight nine three one three one.

Zero again thank you for participating in today's presentation and join us for other presentations on the CF NC website have a great day .