Let’s fill out the FAFSA

Let’s fill out the FAFSA good evening my name is Carrie Harlow and I work with vie sex career and education outreach program tonight we're live on Facebook to do a FAFSA so before we get started I just wanted to say a couple of things, about the FAFSA for those of you who are curious high school seniors. Should be filing a FAFSA in order to access federal and state financial aid for college but the FAFSA, can also be used for technical schools so in addition to colleges and universities students can use the FAFSA to go to, schools such as advanced welding Institute or evade a cosmetology school any of these institutions also use the FAFSA at events across, the state parents sometimes come up to me and ask why should I file a FAFSA I don't think we're going to get anything. And the answer I can give them has four points one is if you want your student or students if, you want to, have a student loan for college you have to file a FAFSA for that second many colleges and universities require that students file FAFSA in order to access all possible, aid and before a college gives out their merit or need-based aid they want the student to exhaust all other options third this is a special circumstance. The FAFSA is a just the, facts document and it asks for financial information from the student and the parents sometimes there are special circumstances and without a FAFSA file it's very hard to have conversations with, college financial aid offices about those special circumstances it's also you could maybe think of it as an insurance policy because if something, were to happen during the course of the school year when the student is in college the parents have the, FAFSA filed and when that special circumstance happens oh your roof blows off in a. Storm somebody's hours are cut at work you can get right in touch with, the financial aid office and you don't have to start with filing the FAFSA that's already been done and finally the fourth reason why families should file a. FAFSA even if they think they might. Not be eligible is scholarship money here in Vermont we have scholarships available for students filing the FAFSA high school seniors who file a FAFSA and can to one of seven Vermont institutions can, qualify for $1,000 scholarship right now on that, list we have the Vermont State College System so Casselton Community College of Vermont northern Vermont University Vermont Technical College University of Vermont has, also signed on to this sterling College Norwich University and Springfield College which is located in st. Johnsbury or their online school or have all signed on. And said if a high school senior from Vermont files a, FAFSA and commits to come to their school they have an extra thousand dollar scholarship that one student will win at each of those institutions additionally the College Board has, a scholarship program and if you haven't had a chance to check, it out you can go to the College Board website and check out the opportunity scholarships but students complete a number of different steps and each step.

Has a scholarship associated with it filing the FAFSA a student can qualify, for one of the College Board opportunity scholarships and they are giving out, two hundred and October two hundred and November two hundred in December and a hundred each in January in.