How to Easily Complete your FAFSA Loan Application

How to Easily Complete your FAFSA Loan Application hey guys Anthony here so this video guide is all about FAFSA the Free Application for Student Aid it's a form.

That will take about 30 minutes to complete and it should be your third step when it comes to financing your degree the first two should be looking for scholarships and grants because this. Money is not gonna be free the application itself is free but the money most definitely is not it'll be used, to determine if you're eligible for. Federal student loans and if you're not you're gonna have to go through private lenders well that's not always bad news it's not.

Really great either because federal loans are much more regulated and you know exactly what terms you're going to get they can also be a, little bit cheaper if you're here you probably know all about that so let's just jump straight into the guide starting with step one and that is, remembering the deadlines the FAFSA is due in June of the following year the current deadline is June 20th 2020 so if it's past, that date you either missed the deadline or this video is super old I'll try, to keep the deadlines up to date in the description just in case you are hear from over a year in the, future well the deadline is in June you should try to do your best to. Submit your application as close to October 1st as possible so you don't miss. Any state deadlines remember if you do miss the deadline you're stuck fending for yourself in the private student loan world and that can cost you. A lot of extra cash for that reason the first step is to set a reminder for, yourself about the deadline this is so important that we should do this now. Here I'll do it with you on screen the next step is to get your documents together and which documents you'll need will depend on your citizenship status. And whether or not you're still classified as a dependant to figure out which documents you need to take, a look at this table if you're wondering whether or not you're classified as a dependent you are not alone the criteria for federal student. Loans are not the same as the IRS uses so take a look at these questions if you. Answer yes to any of these questions you are classified as an independent. Student I'll show you this list later on and it's also available down below this video in the description once you've. Got your documents and your dependency status it's time to create a federal student loan ID the link to do that. Is right here as well as down in the description this is just a standard form but if you classify it as. A dependent your.