Filling out the FAFSA for Independent Students 2020-21

Filling out the FAFSA for Independent Students 2020-21 hello and welcome to the FAFSA walkthrough for the 2021 FAFSA for an independent student my name is Kirsten do for I'm assistant director and project manager for get to college in Mississippi so, we are going to begin by going to, the FAFSA website you will see a little bit of a change when you go to fast food gov it redirects you to specifically, the FAFSA site this was a change that occurred this past winter and it is federal student aid effort to combine all of their, external sites into one and that is taking lenska FASFA gov and all the different ones into one side of federal student aid gov with. A lot of different features don't worry though. You can still continue to go too fast but gov and it will redirect you as you can see here it gives, us options like it did traditionally with the start here or the return user login both of which take you to the same login location any announcements that you need to know. Are going to come under the efest of announcement section one thing I. Definitely want to highlight here is the enable pop-ups this is something that the federal student aid has obviously made known through the announcements that pop-up blockers need to, be for your internet browser available also a pro tip is you need to have the most updated version of. Whatever browser you're using because the FASFA site will not work if you do not have the most updated browser, as well as enabling the popups if you have any questions about your state's financial aid or a FAFSA deadline, it is available to look, up on this side as well and then answering just some basic questions that you may have about the form. And the application itself I will be using the demo site today to walk through the twenty twenty one FAFSA and like I. Said an independent student I'm gonna be doing from the perspective of a Mississippi student as get to college serves predominantly Mississippi student and so there. Will be a few times when we go through this walkthrough that if you are not from Mississippi I will indicate that your state, may have a different question set here but generally since it is a federal forum. It's all the same for everyone so you have two options when you get to the login remember you can choose two, new user returned user it takes you to the same page you can either do I am the student or I am a preparer mmm parent, or student for a freely associated state if you are the student hopefully you are and you have, your login information this is where you're going to input your FSA ID this is unique to you and it is, based on your creation of a username and password you can. Do so by creating it here or if you previously have one and started it. But for god you can input either your FSA ID username a verified email or a verified mobile phone number here and then your password here or you can choose the forgot, username forgot password you will, have to have access to your verified email or cell phone that was linked to the username when you created it so that is something that you just need to be aware of before you go through. That, forgotten process again this is the students username and password that we are gonna be going through and everybody has.

To have their first they have to have their own FSA ID this is unique to you in terms of it pulls over your, personal information such as your address and things like we'll see in just a second but it is also required for digital signature to sign the FAFSA so if a parent if you were a. Dependent student and your parent has to have one they have to have their own separate, from you but for this case it's, an independent walkthrough so you'll see only student needs to have one before you can even get to where the form application start page is you're going to see that. There's a disclaimer just letting us know that we are. Entering a US federal government computer system for the benefit of information from the US Department of Education. And we're going to accept those terms so currently there are two different facets that are available you can either do the 2021 FAFSA which is for the academic school year of fall 20 spring 21, and summer 21 or if you're looking to start in the summer of 20 you would do the 1920 phatso which. Covers the past fall 19 semester these current spring 20 semester and the upcoming summer 20 so we're going to, be doing it for the 2021 academic year upcoming for a new student the save. Key is a digital bookmark so it takes you to the last page you're on in case you need to go back in at. A later date or the Internet crashes it saves up until that point it can be. Anything that you would like letters numbers characters and, has to be a minimum of at least four I like to use the year so it takes us into the, first landing page which is going to be just a general overview of answering questions on what the. FAFSA is what is used for kind of how long it takes things that is needed that type of thing so if you have any of these questions or maybe, it will help educate others that are supporting you and completing the FAFSA to have them kind of look at these questions and you can see the. Drop-down provides answers to them so we start with the student's personal. Information all of this as it shows us at the top where it mentions you and yours is referring to the student so this information is pre-populated because it is pulled.

Over from the FSA ID it pulls the name it pulls, the birthday and pulls the social security number it will never pull middle initial even if you put it in the FSA ID if you have. One you can so choose to put one in here for you as a, student or you can skip it the next section is also pulled, over if you put an email address in the FSA ID and verify it if you but a phone number and verify it it will pull over the phone number is not required so if you. Do decide not to add one. You can skip this and then the address again comes from the FSA ID that you had already inputted, as I mentioned earlier I am doing this in the lens of a Mississippi student and so I'm going to change the state to reflect how Mississippi there's a few additional pieces in here that's, specific to our state all right so now we're finally on the first set of questions that you will, need to answer for yourself as a student, that is not already pre-populated so the first one is asking if you have lived in Mississippi for at. Least five years options yes or no if you have not it asks what your current state of legal residents is. And you will just indicate that and then I asked if you.