FAFSA Help 2021 Making Corrections

FAFSA Help 2021 Making Corrections hi everybody this is Rebecca M Carroll founding member of the coaching educator and we are again working through the monster form the FAFSA which is soon to open up for students who are seniors or for people who are. Going back to school this is a form that needs to be filled out every single year so as. You saw in our previous presentation we went over the how.

To fill out the FAFSA we had that nice announcement that it's on your your smartphone now they have an app then we've, split it up into two presentations one being if you are still considered a dependent student and I would encourage you to go into that, if you haven't seen those yet and then we. Did for independent students so now we have assumed that you've filled it out we're here for the FAFSA Corrections one of the reasons why.

I said you would need to make a FAFSA correction would be because you want to put in more schools if you. Want to put in more schools first you need to wait until you get that email from.

The schools saying we have processed your FAFSA and that has to come from the individualized school you will get an, email from FAFSA stating that it's processed but each school then has to download it and as soon as they have downloaded it and worked with it they'll let, you know and that's when you, can go back in and you can put more schools in so let's begin there's also other reasons why you. Would want to go back in here you may have had an error you may have, noticed that you added an extra zero or didn't add a zero that you needed to for income and so that is, why a lot of people go back in so here we are we're in the FAFSA it will say welcome it will say your name and then you, have either an action required or you're looking at. Changing so you're going to press the button make FAFSA correction when you get in here you have to remember your.

Save key and I would really encourage you if you haven't done it already go to the coaching educator dot-com forward slash free downloads and in there you will find our FAFSA worksheet it's a great sheet to, print out you can keep your login your verified email all the, information your safe key etc so here we go so, you put your safe key in and States you're leaving here again is what it looks like on your phone. App you press ok and it comes to here now if you press on these different links making corrections to the process to a process FAFSA.