Don’t make these 3 FAFSA mistakes!

Don’t make these 3 FAFSA mistakes! hello everyone is Shantae more a certified financial educator and I am back with another video topic of some free financial tips so I wanted. To first of all say hello and welcome to all of my new subscribers thank you all so much for subscribing and liking and commenting on all the videos I truly, appreciate it please do continue to share and you know let other people know about. My videos because I definitely want you know the masses to receive these free financial tips so again thank you thank you I appreciate everyone so. Much so today's video topic I am talking, all about the FAFSA and why because it's top of mind for those of you who are planning to go to college next year if you are trying.

To you know go through this whole financial aid process I am a certified college consultant I mentioned in the past that I don't, talk about college planning as much as I should so because the FAFSA application just opened, on October 1st I was like okay I need to do a video to talk about, FAFSA and the reason being is because I see a lot of people who make mistakes with it very very, simple mistakes and it literally can cost them and it probably has costed people thousands and thousands of dollars of free money in financial aid so I just. Have three quick tips that I want to share. With you all if you're doing the FAFSA whether it's for yourself or for your student you're in high school who's going to, college next year I just wanted to get you know give you things three things. To think about to make sure that you don't make these mistakes oh the first tip is that the FAFSA application just, opened on October 1st so number one mistake that families and people make when it comes to the FAFSA is they take too long to. Submit it you want to have this application in by the end of October at the very very latest why is that because the, money that the FAFSA helps determine for university or college the first thing that they look at giving an offering to you is the free money,, which is the federal grants and the state grants that are offered and so the.