2020-2021 FAFSA Tutorial (Undocumented Parents)

2020-2021 FAFSA Tutorial (Undocumented Parents) hi everybody Benny here from Butte College financial aid back with another FAFSA tutorial and today we're gonna be focusing on all you students out there who have undocumented parents meaning that they don't have, a social security number so I'm gonna show you step by step just how to complete that application and submit. It so some things that we're gonna need today are your 2018 IRS tax returns or your w-2s if you didn't. File or both if you did and the same goes for your parents all right so stick with me. And let's get started alright so the first thing we're gonna do. Is open our browser and I've got Chrome up here for you and we're gonna go to student aid govt all right and the first thing that we're gonna want to do, is create our FSA ID now if you already have that that's great you can go ahead and skip this step however. If you don't have one yet then we're gonna go and. Click on this create a count button here at the top right and once we do that, we're gonna go through about six easy steps registering your account we're gonna put in some personal information like your name date of birth social security number address things like that. Alright so once that's done and. We've got it completed we're gonna go back to studentaid.gov and Gobert where it says apply for aid and we're gonna click. On complete the FAFSA form alright and then we're going to be logging in here now typically as parents are going to be making their own. FSA ID account as well so they can sign your FAFSA but because your parents are undocumented they don't have a social security, number we're gonna have them we're actually gonna have you print out the application at the end, and we're gonna mail it in alright so they don't have to register for an FSA ID but we're gonna go. Ahead and go to I am the student here because we're gonna log in and then we're gonna. Try and click on everything with the mouse as far as like the buttons go for some reason they're. There website doesn't like it when they hit the enter button and it can error out the website, so just click on everything so this is just a disclaimer warning that. You're not going to use this for personal gain or illegal activity or anything like that so we'll.